how do you generate foot traffic for participating vendors?

Malls still provide the greatest crowds for promotion of your business.  We rely on advertising mall marketing departments, local digital directories and social media to promote our events. Still, the greatest amount of people that attend are general mall foot traffic and employees.

What do you provide vendors?

Each event varies in what is provided. Typically, we provide one 6FT and two chairs. At some events only space is provided. Please check with us.

Do you provide electricity?

Unlike some event companies, we do NOT charge an extra fee for electricity. Most venues have limited access to electricity so please let us know if you require it.

Do you offer refunds?

Our number one goal at our events is for every vendor to be successful. We do not offer refunds to our participating vendors, however. 

How big is the vendor space?

Talk to us about your space requirements.  We do our best to accommodate your display set up.

Can I sell my products?

Yes, at most venues. Please check with us because some venues may require additional permits to do so.